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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Take Another Look At US Soccer...

Let's all be honest with each other, got a little stale having not changed in a long time. In today's instant info society it seems like some sites change once every two years. I think US Soccer had fallen down and couldn't get up since back before World Cup 2006. Anyone know/Remember the last update? Well, anyway...take a look at the new and improved site. Thoughts?

Also, U-17 World Cup draw is this Friday...tomorrow! At least I think that is what I read...I'm having trouble finding the link. Oh, here we go. The draw will be held in Abuja, Nigeria tomorrow, Friday. Nice.

The U-17 men did very well at the Copa Macae tournament in Brazil...they emerged as Champions! Well done.

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  • well I've gotta say that the USA soccer in the last decade has improved a lot, now there are famous and important players that give it the taste that it lacked in the previous decades, I like a lot now, so much that I bet and I have made good money with pay per head services, and I cannot complain

    By Blogger joseph burrell, at 4:59 PM  

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