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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Zizou Visits Denver, Plays With Young American All*Stars...

For those who don't subscribe to the Rapids' Undercurrent Blog you will have missed this gem. Yes, Zinedine Zidane just happened to stop by the adidas ESP camp going on here in Denver and actually played with the All*Star team of the annual event.

This kind of blows my mind. Every summer the adidas ESP event is a premier invite only camp that works with the best of the American youth soccer field. What an amazing opportunity for these kids to meet one of the greatest players of all time and actually play with him. Hopefully some of the players gleamed a bit of skill from the master while playing alongside him.

The Rapids' blog even shows a photo of Zidane working some young American keeper.

So who else has been an ESP All*Star? I'm glad you asked.

Current college and US Youth standouts: Ofori Sarkodie, Christopher Schuler, Andre Akpan, Danny Barrera, Will Bruin, Bill Dworsky, Casey Townsend and more.

Professionals: Edgar Castillo, Charlie Davies (participated in the 2003 ESP event but wasn't an All*Star), Salvatore Zizzo, Brad Ring and more.

So there you go, perhaps a future MLS players will be able to say he learned a move from Zizou in 2009 in Denver. That will be cool.



  • Really weak article.

    Your blog's stated purpose is to keep " focused on American soccer players moving up the ranks. We'll keep track of the young soccer stars who are looking to make the leap to professional soccer in America and abroad."

    So keeping that stated mission in mind, Not a single mention of a current ESP 09 particpant that may of stood out for all of us casual users to keep an eye on?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:28 PM  

  • I wasn't able to attend the event and I don't get the names of the players who participate until the camp updates their website, which sometimes takes some time.

    Next time you want to flame, at least come with a pseudonym, looser.

    By Blogger Bonji, at 11:18 AM  

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