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Monday, August 04, 2008

Introducing: Greg Ricks - Loyola Marymount Lion...

A couple weeks ago I got a somewhat angry email from an American college soccer player asking why he wasn't on my list. I did my best to be diplomatic explaining that monitoring over 1,000 college soccer players takes time and you need to accomplish something like playing at the adidas ESP camp, winning a player of the month award, a All-American honor, etc. to be added to the list. He seemed to accept that and then he accepted my offer to become a FCTP contributor and to tell us about his senior season as he tries to start a career as a professional soccer player.

I'm pleased to introduce you all to Loyola Marymount University senior, Greg Ricks. Greg is going to check in periodically to tell us about being a college soccer player. He's going to tell us the ups and downs of his senior season. He's going to share when he's contacted by a pro scout. He's going to tell us about when they haze the freshman...ohh wait, there is no hazing in college sports.

Everyone, please welcome Greg and say hello. This is a fun addition to FCTP that I have been looking to do since I started the blog. Last year I had a senior player all lined up but it turned out to be too difficult to work writing in with his schedule. I totally understand that. That player in now on the reserve team of one MLS club so hopefully the same will work out for Mr. Ricks. Cheer him on, encourage him to share. Ask him questions. Let's get ready to rumble.

Here is his first piece on what he and the LMU Lions are up to at this point in the pre-season:

***FCTP was notified last night that the NCAA and Loyola Marymount University Soccer Team object to Greg Ricks contributing to FCTP. It is unfortunate that college kids playing a sport can't expand their experiences through participating in a harmless blog. Somehow the NCAA would deem this as me representing Greg and the University feels I have misused Greg's likeness which they own. However, out of respect to those two organizations and Greg's request I am removing the portion of this post that was written by Greg.***

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  • Best of luck to you Greg! I look forward to hearing from you. It should be fun to hear what a real, live player has to say. ;)

    By Blogger bje, at 12:46 PM  

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