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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grant Wahl Says What I Was Thinking...

...but am not a good enough writer to communicate. Here you go, I suggest checking it out.

He's right you know. Commentator Marcelo Balboa said during the Dutch telecast something to the effect of "get your yellow card suspension over with now before the quarterfinals" I have to respectfully disagree. I agree with Wahl in that because of the taking the yellow card now as opposed to later mindset the US were missing two of their best players. Two players who would have made a difference in this game.

Sometimes the common view in sports are not right. In this case I would rather have seen Bradley and Adu in the final group game as opposed to sitting it out. Balboa's comments made an incorrect assumption that shouldn't be made, that you're going to advance from the group stage when there is one more game to go.

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