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Thursday, June 05, 2008

MLS Reaches New Heights With Altidore Transfer...

$10 million. Freddy Adu wasn't worth that much to Benfica when he left MLS. $10 million. That is a real number. That much bought you a franchise way back when the league was forming. That is what you see flying across the newswire when European clubs buy and sell players.

Way to go Jozy, you're a man now. Make sure you work hard and convince your new club that you were worth it. Work hard, learn something and bring it to the US National team. When you're getting too old for European football bring your skills back to MLS to teach the next generation. We're proud of you.

For those who want to learn about Jozy's new club, check out their Wiki page. The club just finished a great La Liga season where they finished second. If Jozy suits up for El Submarino Amarillo in 2008/09 he could have a chance at playing in Europe. However, there are rumors of him going on loan for the upcoming season to continue to gain experience before joining the big boys.

Villarreal looks like a beautiful location on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, just north of Valencia. Enjoy the new life of a professional footballer, Jozy, you've earned it. Pretty soon we'll be reading about Jozy and a Spanish WAG.

So how did he get here you ask? He was drafted in the second round (17th overall) of the 2006 MLS SuperDraft. Yeah, two short years ago New York picked up their meal ticket in the second round of the draft. With this $10 million transfer New York earns two-thirds of the revenue. $6.6 million will go to New York to invest in players and youth development, training facilities, etc. That is great for MLS and the Red Bulls. Hopefully they spend their money wisely.

Take a look at Jozy's stats in three MLS seasons. 25 goals in 37 regular season games with another 4 goals in 4 playoff games. Those are serious numbers for an 18 year old. He came straight to MLS from US Soccer Residency.

As an aside, go Red Wings!

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