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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 FCTP MLS Rookie of the Week...Week 10...

This week I am uninspired. Maybe it is because I am tired...maybe it is because only 13 rookies saw playing time. I don't know, but I feel like the LA Galaxy must as they wait in desperation for David Beckham's arrival. Personally, I think Alexi Lalas is more interested in Posh's new "reality" show...but no matter. He'll be here soon. Fear not LA. Until his arrival it appears your offense relies on one man...Landon Donovan. I believe (please don't quote me on this because I got the stat from a MLS commentator during a match) that this weekend was the first goal scored by the Gals without Landycakes' participation (read goal or assist). Congrats LA, you're screwed until late July when Beck's and Landy join/rejoin your team (sooner if Landy decides not to go south for the Copa America).

So, who played? 12 rookies (7% of the MLS players to take the field in Week 10).

Complete gamers:
Dane Richards
Robbie Findley
Ty Harden
Bakary Soumare
Maurice Edu
Andrew Boyens
Dane Richards (second game)

All rookies who started finished a complete game. Good work!

Corey Ashe
Mike Banner
Jerson Monteiro
Corey Ashe (second game)
Omar Cummings

Bold = first MLS appearance

One positive for the Gals...Robbie Findley. The former Oregon State Beaver continues to run tirelessly just like Cobi once did and he got the only goal for LA against FC Dallas this weekend. If the Gals could play more like they did in the lead up to the goal, they wouldn't need Becks or Landy...but they can't. I am going to give Findley the rookie of the week award this week. Not just because he got the goal, but more because I feel sorry for he and his team. They are working hard and all they have to look forward to is Beckham's arrival and the circus their lives will become. On the goal, Robbie didn't do much but put in a rebound, but that is what goal scorers do. They put themselves in the right place to score no matter what the circumstanes. I'm sure Findley would have liked to dribble from midfield while splitting and sprinting past defenders al la Lionel Messi, but that doesn't always happen. Either way, Findley got the goal and the Week 10 ROTW.

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